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Welcome to the Econ1.Net Robot Trading Laboratory

Beta testers only at this time.

While waiting for Econ1.Net to go Live --

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Why should I trust the Econ1.Net app?

You should never trust any app.
We also provide no warranty. Use of this app is as-is.
That sounds bad, but isn't unusual, so here are some positives.
Only Google sees your password. Google sends the app a token.
The tokens are only used in your browser or in Google cloud.
The app requests permissions only to read/write its own files.
The app does not spy or keep an activity or tracking log.

Who handles credit card billing?

Fastspring is Payment Card Industry Level 1 Certified.
Fastspring has staff to handle any billing issues.
(for app/software issues, consult the documentation)

Why do I need to pay for this?

Competing solutions for economic simulation are
either mostly do-it-yourself, or very expensive.
Our app is like an orchestra conductor for market simulations.
It creates a harmony of organization.
It saves you time and effort.
It helps you compose market simulations in minutes, not hours.
It rents computers on demand from Google's excess supply.
It delivers the data directly to your Google Drive.
It provides all this at an affordable price.
That's why you need to pay for this.

No, really!
Why do I need to pay for this?

_You_ don't need to pay for it...but someone does.
An EconPass can be a gift.
Your parents, friends, or teacher can pay for it.
An EconPass can be used by anyone with the key.
Sharing a pass is ok (up to about 5 people/pass normally).

Why not provide this for free?

We provide quite a bit for free already.
Server rentals, bandwidth, promotion, etc., all cost money.
We would also like some money (i.e. profit) for future projects.

I need this for a class assignment.
I'll only use it once !!!

EconPass is not a subscription.
Unless you need more points, you only pay once.
You can also try asking a friend if you can share their EconPass.
We also sell group passes for large classes.

What happens when I use up all my EconPass points?

You can still download your data from your Google Drive.
The full Robot Market Trading Lab requires a valid EconPass.
To renew access to our tools, simply buy another EconPass.

I'd like to try it, but I still don't trust it.

For maximum peace of mind:
Create a new, empty, 2nd Google Account to use with the app.

I want to use Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

Free services like ifttt.com may be able to
automatically copy files from Google Drive over to Dropbox.