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Works with Google Drive and Google Compute Engine

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Requirements: Chrome browser preferred. You'll need a Gmail account or other Google account to sign in, and you'll need our micropayment EconPass to run simulations. Can run on phones, tablets, or desktops, but desktops are faster and more capable.

Create a new Google Account if you need one.


Set up a new Econ1.Net account (silent; 5 min)

Getting Started: Generating some ZI Market Data with your browser (90 sec)

Deep Dive: Charting 100 Periods of ZI Robot Trading Data(30 min)

Generating 10,000 periods of ZI market data on Econ1.Net in the cloud (3 min)

Charting 10,000 periods of ZI Market Data on Econ1.Net (15 min)

Generating 100,000 periods of ZI Market trading data in the cloud (6 min)

Charting 100,000 periods of ZI market data on Econ1.Net (11 min)

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